We are group of people who completed our masters in United states and finally got a Job and H1B. Life of an international students in USA is not so easy. We have  to overcome many hurdles to settle in USA

  • Getting Good GRE/IELTS/TOEFL scores
  • Finding Universities
  • Documents preparation
  • Getting I-20/Admission Letter
  • Visa Interview
  • Travel plans/Accommodation
  • Internships
  • Finding an Employer(s)
  • OPT Extension (New Rules)
  • H1B applications
  • RFE’s/Denials
  • H1B Transfers

In this whole cycle we contacted Attorneys/Lawyers many time for a simple solutions which we don’t know.

F1toH1.com is designed to help Students, It is an innovative way to connect International F1 students & help them to achieve their goals like Universities/CPT/OPT/JOB/Internship/H1.

For any questions Contact US or Use Forums

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